Winter Hair Fixes

It’s November, and weather you like it or not, winter is approaching. As the temperatures drop, you may notice your hair reacting to the change in the weather.

Our hair takes a beating from the increased use of hot tools as well as the cold. The following are common hair problems experienced during the colder months of the year. Luckily, we compiled a list of BennieFactor products to help you combat your winter hair woes.

Problem 1: Static. Have you ever wondered why your hair look like you’ve rubbed it with a balloon? Winter temperatures and central heating rob hair of it’s moisture, which causes static. In order to decrease dryness, try moisturizing products, like b BALANCED conditioning shampoo, b STONG deep conditioner, and b KIND care spray. These products should keep those flyaway hairs in check.

Problem 2: Dry Ends and Scalp. More byproducts of winter temperatures and central heat are dry ends and scalp. To fight against the dryness, use b EXCELLENT smoothing shampoo & conditioner, which contains Vital Hair and Scalp Complex. Once your hair is dry, finish your look with b EXCELLENT oil treatment. The argon, jojoba seed, and vitamin E oils nourish your hair and leaves it silky and smooth.

Problem 3: Limp Hair. Cold weather accessories like hats and headbands are great for keeping the chill at bay, but not so much for voluminous hair. Use a root boosting products to keep strands perky. Start with b BOLD texturing spray on wet hair, which adds volume and support, and sprinkle some b MORE building powder into hair once dry.

All products are available for purchase at Amber’s. Stop by and grab a few to help you through the next few months!