Meet Jen Harris! She is a January 2016 graduate of Amber’s Beauty School and is a successful employee at DL Lowry Hairspa located in Indianapolis, IN. DL Lowry Hairspa is a full service commission salon. They offer an amazing apprenticeship program. The stylists have weekly hands on education to stay on track with latest techniques and trends. Jen is currently transitioning to the floor from the apprenticeship program. Jen says “Amber’s laid the ground work I needed to be successful in this industry. I learned the basic techniques I needed to build off of and grow. It allowed me to try different trends and techniques with a safety net (aka awesome instructors) to make sure those ideas would work as I wanted them to. It opened up amazing opportunities for me and with the help of everyone there I was able to land my dream job!” Jen’s inspirational figures are her momma, her cousin Erin (senior stylist at Redhead Salon), Jen Adkin, Larissa Love, and her boss David Lowry.

Instagram: @jenboo91 @dllowryhairspa

We love sharing the success of our graduates! Congrats Jen