If you are anything like me, you are constantly being bombarded with status updates, tagged pictures, tweets, live video steams, emails…and you love it! Granted, I probably spend more time using social media than the average person but it’s part of my job! However, I use social media in my personal life too. Social media works as an “everything” tool for me – as a source of entertainment, socialization, news, networking, and I’m willing to bet your clients, community members, and future employers use it in the same manner.

As a cosmetology student or someone working the beauty industry, social media is your friend. Using social media in the right way can validate your brand and expand your business. Here’s three reasons why you should embrace social media now:

1. Credibility

Having an established social media profile with credible content allows the reader to trust you. When your reader (future employers/clients/industry professionals) check you out online, and trust me, they will (check out some horror stories here), you want to make sure that your posts send messages that match your personal brand. If they see that you are credible, as in, what you project online and what they already know about you match, then you have gained their trust. Being credible gives the client or employer no reason to question you or your choices.

This means go through your profiles – eliminate, delete, hide, and untag all “questionable” material and start replacing it with material that you would feel comfortable sharing with anyone.

 2. Passion

Social media is a fantastic way to share what you do and what you love. Create your own content – start a blog, post pictures of your work, or share other’s content – read and post articles on your profiles, retweet the latest news – whatever you do, make sure that it reflects your passion for the industry.  Passion is a key trait that employers seek out in their employees, so showing how much you care can never hurt. Also, passion is infectious! You have the ability to inspire others through what you share.

3. Connection

Your potential to connect with others is unlimited. After all, isn’t that why social media was created?When you post, think of the potential reach it has. Strangers, clients, future employers, industry professionals  – ANYONE can see what you put on social media. Do some research – find and follow your greatest influencers, and establish connections with them online. This means tag them, interact with them through questions and comments, and show them what you have to offer!

Whether you are in the process of becoming a professional, or you are already established in your career, you are working in an industry that thrives on communication and relationships. Social media is a perfect and logical choice to reflect this huge part of your life.

I’m not saying that everything you post has to be spectacular or inspirational, or even industry-related. Normal posts about your everyday life, your family, your pets, are good – they show the reader that you are a real, relatable person. That being said, your posts, no matter the content, should be worthwhile. Social media is powerful, and it’s a tool that is literally right at your fingertips.

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So, what are you waiting for? Get to posting and sharing!