Amber’s has always made a conscious effort to provide our students with hands-on opportunities and experiences outside of the classroom. They tend to find that those out of the classroom experiences help them build a client base but also allow them to give back to the community and bond with each other while doing it!

For the last few years, we have taken our students to the Walk a Mile in Her Heels event put on by the Muncie YWCA.  The event works to raise awareness for domestic violence and earn money to support the YWCA.

Three of our students went to Walk a Mile in Her Heels to do manicures and all of the money raised by the manicures was donated back to the YWCA.



When our students were asked if they wanted to be a part of the walk, they immediately took it in “stride.” Many of the men participating were wobbly on their heels so our students walked with the rest of the volunteers to make sure no one fell.



Our students even got to meet the Mayor of Muncie just before he accepted his “sassiest strut” award.



The entire afternoon was fun for everyone and we know that our students next year will enjoy it as much as we did today.