At Amber’s, we value our student’s education and invest in their constant growth by partnering with different education resources, like classes taught by product knowledge specialists.  Earlier this week, we had the pleasure of working with Katie Cassaro, an educator from Benniefactor and GAGE FOR MEN.


Katie has been in the hair industry for a little over four years and works full time as a hairdresser in Indianapolis at Identity Hair Design.  As an educator for Benniefactor and GAGE FOR MEN, Katie travels to Louisville, KY monthly to take educational classes and keep up with the latest, cutting edge information.

At Amber’s, Katie teaches the students product knowledge and practical application.  This includes teaching students how to recommend professional products for their clients as well as working hands on with the products.

Katie said, “It is important [for students] to know what they’re using and how to use it.  I truly feel that it starts them as soon as possible in uncovering guest’s needs, dialogue, and professionalism – and it’s never too soon to start that!”  


While Katie typically partners with salons, Amber’s is the only beauty school that Katie educates.  She travels here about every eight weeks, and she looks forward to working directly with the students.


“Students are much more impressionable, more willing to learn, and more eager for it.  I love their enthusiasm.  They keep me fresh, and I learn from them as well.  It’s a nice blend of give and take.  They make it possible for me to be a full time student, always and forever.”