boom boom, a company out of Indiana, produces a line of styling products perfect for any hair type! Amber’s carries a few products, but one of our favorite is the Sea Spray!

boom boom Sea Spray was created with the intention of thickening hair while adding texture and body! The boom boom Sea Spray features Sea Saltwater and Marine Algae that helps to nourish hair and provide a medium hold. One of the benefits that makes boom boom Sea Spray so great is that it seals the hair’s cuticle; sealing out humidity that causes frizz.

When using boom boom Sea Spray, it is important to remember that it should be applied to damp hair; but it can be either air-dried or blow-dried to a desire style. However, it can also be used on dry hair to add instant texture. boom boom Sea Spray will give you the hair style you are looking for awhile staying far away from the humidity-causing beach!

Amber’s does have boom boom Sea Spray in stock and ready for purchase! Walk ins are always welcome, so come in today! Or call us at (765) 284-2205 to make an appointment.