Ever wondered what its like to be a student at Amber’s Beauty School?  We sat down with the bright and bubbly Morgan Beeks as she dished us the details.

Morgan Beeks, 18, smiles for the camera.

Hailing from Fairmount, IN, 18 year old Morgan recently graduated from Madison-Grant High School.  She attended Amber’s part-time during her high school career, and upon graduation, started attending Amber’s part-time as well.  Inspired by her great-grandma, who was a hairdresser and owned a salon in her house, Morgan always knew that beauty school was her calling.


How did you get to Amber’s? What led you to pursue this path?

I’ve always loved doing hair and fashion, and I’ve always wanted to do it.  Senior year of high school I started looking around (for beauty schools) and I found Amber’s.  I used Google to find different schools in Indiana and Amber’s was also recommended by a hairdresser I knew.  Once I visited Amber’s, I loved it, especially because it is modern.


Have you ever considered a different career?

I tried going to vocational school to become a nurse, but it didn’t work out.


Tell me what you do on a day to day basis.

I get here around 8:00 AM.  We have class (for part-time students) once a week, where we learn a chapter and take a test at the end of the week.  My favorite subjects so far have been Color and Makeup.  We spend the rest of our time working with clients.  Most of mine are older women, but I have some younger guys come in here too.


What are your long term goals?

Once I graduate in December, I want to go to Indy and try to get into one of the bigger salons.  Eventually I want to own my own salon one day.  I’d like to do everything that normal salons do, like waxing and manicures (along with hair), but I’d also like to travel to special events like weddings and do the hair and makeup there.


What do you love most about Amber’s?

I feel like its a more modern school, so I learn more modern things, like haircuts.  Also, everyone gets along here so its a better climate.  They really live up to their motto (old school, new style).


What advice would you give to someone who was considering attending Amber’s?

Yes! I would totally recommend going to Amber’s.  You’ll have a blast.  I’ve had so much fun, and learned so much.  Its been an overall great experience.


Morgan shows off her tools of the trade at her station.


Morgan relaxes at our pedicure station.