Meet Renee Luttrell!  We chatted with our only student studying to become a nail technician about her journey in the beauty industry and her time here at Amber’s.

After picking up and moving (nearly) across the country, Renee made the trek from California to Indiana about two years ago.  An enthusiastic woman with many passions, including music and writing, Renee was set on renewing her nail technician license in her new state.  This desire led her to Amber’s door’s.


Why did you pick Amber’s?

It was the best fit for me.  I valued the personal attention I received when I came in to check out the facility as well as the warm, low stress atmosphere.  Now that I’m here, I appreciate that the learning environment is a slower pace, but is able to keep my interest.  I’m not overloaded.

The climate is friendly – almost like family, and there is no drama!  I think this comes from Amber’s commitment to professionalism and the influence of instructors.


How long have you been at Amber’s?

Only a week! I just started this past Tuesday (4 days ago).


Renee Luttrell at home in our pedicure room.




Tell me about studying to become a nail technician.

A student has to complete 450 hours to get their license.  It’s important to note, however, that I’m not just learning how to do manicures, I’m learning artificial application.  My teacher is an instructor who did nails professionally for six years, so I’m confident that I’m receiving a great education.

So far, I’ve been able to work on a few students and patrons.


What are your goals?

Someday, I hope to open my own nail salon.  I want to be able to provide clients with great nails and the “extras” – ambience, coffee, music, and conversation.  I think I’ll be able to develop those business skills because I see it happening here at Amber’s anyways.  I’ll be able to take the culture of Amber’s with me once I leave, not just the training.



Renee Luttrell smiles for the camera.