It’s time to meet more of our fabulous students! We chatted with Maria Muhlenkamp, a recent graduate from Amber’s, about her journey through beauty school and her plans for the future.


Maria Muhlenkamp, 18, shows us her pearly whites in the pedicure room.


A native from Jay County and a graduate from Jay County High School, 18 year old Maria has always loved doing hair.  In high school, she attended Amber’s part time, and after graduation, transitioned to a full time student.  Her passion for this industry pushed her to follow her dreams and become what she’s always wanted to be – a hairdresser!


How did you get here? What led you to pursue this path?

I’ve always loved doing hair.  I started doing hair for weddings before I came to Amber’s.  I found Amber’s through Google, and it looked appealing, nice, and clean.  When I came in for my information session and tour, I loved it so much I signed up that day!


Tell me what you did as a student at Amber’s:

As a student, you work on clients, do hair, and you study.  Before I graduated, I had spent a LOT of time studying!


Do you have a job lined up now that you’ve graduated?

Yes.  I’ll be working as a hairdresser at Oasis Salon in Portland.  Eventually, though, I want to work at a salon in Coldwater, OH, where most of my family lives.


How do you feel like Amber’s prepared you for getting your job?

Amber’s teaches their student to be professional.  Something I’ll always remember is to “treat clients like you would want to be treated”.


What would you say to people who think beauty school doesn’t compare to college or a real profession?

You’re wrong! You can make just as much money as a hairdresser as you can being a nurse – and the schooling doesn’t cost as much.  Also, you have to work hard to get through school.


What do you love most about Amber’s?

You can make Amber’s work for you.  Amber’s will work around your schedule, and my relationships with the instructors and other students have been awesome.


What advice would you give to someone who was considering becoming a student at Amber’s?

Try it! It doesn’t take very long to get through the program if you work hard.  I would absolutely recommend it.



Maria poses at her station.


Good luck, Maria! We know you’ll be successful!