Meet one of our newest students, Ashlee Hidy!  We talk with Ashlee about her experience at Amber’s as a new student and how her non-traditional status makes her a unique addition to Amber’s family.


Ashlee, 29, smiles in our pedicure room.

Hailing from Hartford City, Ashlee is a bubbly 29 year old wife and mother who is working to balance her family life and student status.  Transitioning from a career in nursing, Ashlee just began her time at Amber’s only a few weeks ago.


Why did you decide to go to beauty school?

I wasn’t happy as a nurse – I wasn’t where I wanted to be.  I asked myself, if I could do anything in the world, what I would I do?  I knew the answer – I would go to beauty school and do hair!


Why did you pick Amber’s?

Amber’s is modern, clean, and professional.  I wanted a school who had a newer style with a fresher look – not a grandma kind of school!


I understand you are a “basic” student.  Tell me what that means.

I am in the Beginner’s Course.  I am learning all of the cuts, the perm styles, how to do roller sets, manis, pedis, and facials.  You’ve got to learn all of the basics before you go out on the floor!  I’ve been in basic now for five weeks, which is about 200 hours.


What are you looking forward to most in regard to your time here?

Perfecting things as much as I can.  I want to immerse myself in this and learn everything I can before I graduate.  I want to be confident and successful by the time I leave.



Ashlee shows off her shears.

What are your goals?

In 10 years, I’d love to have my own shop with some girls and make a name for myself.  I want to have people say, “They’re awesome! Go to them!”.  Its not about the money, its about being happy.


What is your dream job?

I’m here! This IS my dream job!


What has been the best part of being at Amber’s, so far?

Just being a part of this.  The girls and instructors are amazing.  I wake up everyday and I’m happy to come here.


What has been the hardest part of being here?

Overcoming perfection.  I hate not doing something well or not doing something perfectly.


How does Amber’s accommodate to your life?

Amber’s has a lot of flexibility.  If I needed a day or something, they would be understanding and work with me.  I don’t feel anxiety.  I like that its structured but laid back at the same time.  Its not your typical college experience where if you’re not there, you’re failed.


Why would you recommend Amber’s to a prospective student?

Amber’s has a fantastic atmosphere with great instructors and reasonable tuition.  I am never afraid to ask or try new things.  Everyone is helpful and they foster the environment of learning.


Ashlee’s chair is open! Will you be sitting there next?

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