Phyllis Brown & student Sami Thurston

Phyllis Brown, a native from Madison Grant in Fairmount, IN, starts every Friday morning with a 30 minute drive to Amber’s.  A truly loyal customer, Phyllis has been pampering herself with the works – a facial, scalp treatment, pedicure, and style – for 27 years. Her dedication to Amber’s is due to the accommodation and respect she receives from the employees and students, innovation and creativity from owners Brian and Brook Shrieve, and overall appeal of the environment.  Phyllis enjoys the clean and neat nature of the building and is looking forward to enjoying the landscaping in warmer weather.  Her positive attitude and warm-hearted nature makes the student’s Friday mornings much more fun, and we look forward to her weekly visits. Phyllis has been writing a column for the News Sun newspaper in Fairmount, IN for the past 19 years.


Phyllis Brown looking glamorous after her weekly visit to Amber’s.